Gina spent her early life living in warmer climates and working in the field of law doing research and honing her admirable typing speed.  She returned to Boston in her thirties for a variety of schooling and enjoyed working as a textile artist and aesthetician until Ken convinced her that making ice cream was more fun.   She still enjoys working as an artist and aesthetician whenever she is not making ice cream.  She resides west of Boston and uses her days off to craft amateur detective fiction where ice cream often has a starring role. 

For many years Ken worked as an EMC engineer envisioning the day when he might be able to share his hobby of making small batch ice cream with others who are passionate about organic food and the freshest of ingredients.  These days, Ken can be found in our commercial kitchen pasteurizing ice cream mix, running the batch freezer, or at home reading books on the science of ice cream…not to mention writing a unique blend of sci-fi/fantasy fiction.   Born and raised in Massachusetts, he continues to make Boston his home with two cats, a fleet of antique motorcycles, and a freezer full of ice cream.