• When we say our ice cream is a labor of love, we mean it.   We make our ice cream by hand in a commercial kitchen in an amazing, supportive community.   We combine local fresh cream, milk, sugar and eggs, and we pasteurize that mix ourselves.  This allows us to control the flavor and texture of each batch of ice cream we churn.  It also lets us control what goes into our ice cream.  All of our ingredients are organic and nut free – 100%!  - and you won’t find added stabilizers or emulsifiers.   We churn each flavor of ice cream in small batches to keep it as fresh as possible.       

  • We also respect the Earth.  That’s why we source our ingredients as locally as possible.  It helps to support local farmers, lowers our carbon footprint, and makes for a better tasting product.  Our organic milk and cream comes from a 100 year old family operated farm just a few towns away, where the cows graze on grass and have lots of room to move around.  Our organic eggs come from a local farm where the hens are cage free and have outdoor access.  We source our other organic ingredients from companies who support fair trade and sustainability.

  • We try to be understanding of food allergies and sensitivities so we keep a true nut-free kitchen.  None of our products have nuts in them, and we source our ingredients from companies who can provide us with documentation that their product does not contain nuts.

  • Why organic?  We get asked that question a lot.  And our answer is always the same:  why not?   We take stewardship of the Earth very seriously, and support the local farm-to-table movement.  Our ice cream has no added chemicals or genetically modified constituents.  No chemical fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides were used to grow any of our ingredients.   Our dairy comes from cows that graze on  organic cropland and are never given feed containing antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our eggs are higher in Omega-3’s than normal eggs.   In short, organic farming produces a healthier product and a healthier planet.  Because we don’t just want you to love our ice cream – we want our ice cream to love you!