What makes us different?

At Ken & Gina's, we make our ice cream and baked goods from scratch -  including our own proprietary base mix!  All of our ingredients are nut-free, and wherever we have the option to use fair-trade, we do.   And, yes, our commercial kitchen is nut-free!

Here's the scoop:

  • We get our milk and cream from a local dairy farm.
  • We make our base mix (that's your dairy, sugar and eggs) from scratch and pasteurize it ourselves in our 30-gallon pasteurizer.
  • We never add artificial stabilizers or chemicals to our base mix or ice cream flavorings.
  • We add real flavorings - like pure vanilla extract or cocoa powder - to our base mix and churn that in our 24-quart batch freezer to make ice cream - one small batch at a time!
  • Our ice cream is hand-packed in pint and  4 oz. single-serving containers.
  • Our ice cream sandwiches are made with our own baked cookies - also nut-free and we never add anything artificial to them!